The Best 2019 WordPress Plugins for Marketing

the best 2019 wordpress plugins for marketing

Since the start of 2019, WordPress has been introducing and reinventing some of its main themes and plugins in order to meet the different needs and requirements its customers. Luckily, the platform contains a huge variety of free and paid themes, plugins and much more start-up ideas. The users of WordPress can, for example, try out a wide array of free and paid plugins that provide them with unique content marketing techniques and methods such as creating highly engaging posts and bloggings and keeping up with specific campaign results.

WP Marketing Plugins

And this year the developers of WordPress tried their best to represent the customers with a varied bundle of plugins designed to make content marketing more efficient. The new and renovated WordPress plugins are essentially tools and techniques for discussing the content created and distributing posts righteously, in addition to helping in editorial processes and enhancing visual images, page speed rate and attracting more comments and feedbacks.

For instance, the “Edit Flow” of WordPress grants the user the chance to collaborate with an editorial team inside the platform and the plugin offers a calendar, story budget, user groups, continuous notifications and editorial commenting on the page. And there’s also an “Editorial Calender” that gives an overall view of the user’s website allowing him to know when each post will be uploaded and he can also manage the interior of his site via the calender and edit the posts as well. The “Edit Flow” and “Editorial Calender” are clearly the perfect plugins for users who may want to re-edit their contents continuously and at the same time maintain the high activity rate of the site. Moreover, WordPress offers the “Monster-Insights” that makes it easier to connect the website with Google Analytics that allows the user the opportunity to monitor the rate of the visitors and how they find the contents displayed; plus, the user will be able to understand his audience better and he’ll get an overview of the most preferred types of posts.

WP Campaigns and Polls

Additionally, WordPress offers a couple of plugins that allow the users to create various types of campaigns and polls and track their results and scores. The “OptinMonster” for example provides an easy way to create forms via a unique form creator that comes with the plugin; the “OptinMonster” allows you to create different campaigns, header and footer bars, various post forms, smartphones forms amongst others. And not to forget that WordPress provides “ImageInject” that makes controlling the images easier than before; the user can search and choose the right image from thousands of creative and most popular image collections and he’ll be able to modify the images in the posts 100%  according to his taste. All in all, WordPress provides a huge bundle of plugins that assures that all needs and requirements of the various users are definitely going to be met.

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