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Today you can Download BuddyPress plugin Now you can. Get BuddyPress 3.2.0 (or higher version) plugin created by The BuddyPress Community and install it for your project.. This themeforest plugin 3.2.0 version was updated on 4 weeks but conceivably there is a newer version available.What can you do with this wp plugin? [‘Are you looking for modern, robust, and sophisticated social network software? BuddyPress is a suite of components that are common to a typical social network, and allows for great add-on features through WordPress’s extensive plugin system..’] Are you thinking of installing this wordpress plugin? Let’s check out:

How to Install BuddyPress WordPress Plugin?



To run BuddyPress, we recommend your host supports:

  • PHP version 7.2 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater, or, MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
  • HTTPS support.

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles everything itself. To do an automatic install of BuddyPress, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “BuddyPress” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found it, you can view details about the latest release, such as community reviews, ratings, and description. Install BuddyPress by simply pressing “Install Now”.

Once activated:

  1. Visit ‘Settings > BuddyPress > Components’ and adjust the active components to match your community. (You can always toggle these later.)
  2. Visit ‘Settings > BuddyPress > Pages’ and setup your directories and special pages. We create a few automatically, but suggest you customize these to fit the flow and verbiage of your site.
  3. Visit ‘Settings > BuddyPress &

    Free Demo BuddyPress 3.2.0 – WP Plugin

    Demo BuddyPress 3.2.0 WordPress plugin

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