Best 3 Plugins to Successfully Protect your WordPress

best 3 plugins to successfully protect your wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms in 2019 as it continues to provide customers all over the world with various types of websites and blogs to help each individual achieve his online goals and ambitions.

However, providing the right security and protection for your WordPress site is vital these days since cyber attacks are more likely to happen than before; and of course one of the best ways to protect your WordPress and its content is to purchase and install the best security plugins that’ll help you push away any hacking or breaching threats in order to preserve the hard work you’ve put into your website.

WordPress is already providing its users base with a wide variety of protection measures, but still there needs to be a well reputed security plugin installed on the site in the attempt to totally prevent any hacker from snatching your content or website material.

There are a huge number of plugins all of which are designed to provide the WP sites with extra, unprecedented security levels; the best security plugins have a wide range of securing measures and monitoring features, and they carry out and offer multiple protection tasks including files monitoring and scanning, security notifications, malware scanning, anti-hacking procedures, blacklist monitoring and security hardening options amongst many more.

Sucuri Security

One of the most popular plugins is “Sucuri Security” which is a malware scanning bundle and it provides many protection and monitoring features. This viral plugin is mostly free for all customers but it also comes in paid edition offering more security bonuses. “Sucuri Security” is indeed a unqiue security tool that helps the website owner to keep an eye on every activity taking place on his WordPress, and it also monitors the files and presents post-hacking recovery measures.


Moreover, the “iThemes” plugin is an excellent method to solidify the security status of your WordPress site. “IThemes” offers WordPress customers numerous security features and controlling measures in order to keep hackers at bay and find out the weaknesses and problems of each site to resolve them – such as weak passwords and invalid software. “IThemes” is also a very good tool in detecting any changes in the WordPress files to inform the owners of the websites with any suspicious actions.

Wordfence Security

In addition, “Wordfence Security” plugin is one of the popular as well due to its comprehensive protection features. “Wordfence” has, for instance, a robust login security measure and unique recovery tools. There are indeed plenty of security plugins to choose from depending on each site’s needs and goals.

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