WordPress 2019 Plugins for Start-up Businesses

wordpress 2019 plugins for start up businesses

The popular platform WordPress has been exerting a lot of effort in the attempt to meet the individual needs and requirements of each user and business; and 2019 has been of no difference since WordPress debuted many themes and plugins and renovated others and equipped them with some new and unqiue features. The WordPress platform is obviously aiming to achieve one of its top goals which is providing the best possible features and services that will enable start-up businesses and projects to accomplish their purposes online.

Luckily, there are about 57000 WordPress plugins that focus on search engine optimization features and security necessities from which the WordPress customers can choose according to their needs. Reportedly, WordPress is utilized by nearly 32% of activated websites and blogs which makes it even more important for the platform to always debut and renovate new plugins and themes.

If the user is, for example, suffering from the spread of unnecessary data and needs to have regular cleanups to keep his website as clean and managed as possible, then the WordPress “WP-Optimize” is definitely the right plugin as it’ll clean up the databases of the website regularly and will remove unnecessary data as well; the plugin will also provide the user with weekly cleaning services and it performs optimizations according to the website status amongst other features. The “WP-Optimize” has achieved nearly a million installations – with maximum price of 179$ per year – which consequently crowned this WordPress plugin as one of the best available on the platform. In addition, the plugin “Jetpack” is also awarded one of the top positions on the WordPress platform as it enhances the general optimization and provides varied services such as design, security and marketing services; yet it’s quite expensive as it can reach 300$ per year which makes it incompatible with all users.

Moreover, the “All in One SEO Pack” is also a very popular plugin on WordPress as it presents XML sitemap and analytics support; and most importantly this plugin, as evident from the name, enhances the search engine results of the user’s website by notifying the search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, about the updates and the recent posts. The “All in One SEO Pack” costs up to 1118$ per year. And there’s also the plugin “Beaver Builder” that costs 400$ every year and offers a wide range of design choices which makes it easier for beginners to benefit from the features of this WordPress plugin. Lastly, the “SiteOrigin CSS” plugin – costs nearly 130$ for a single year – is also a design provider that allows both beginning and expert users to change the facade and the interior design of the website in a short period of time.

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