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Let’s Download Post Thumbnail Editor plugin It’s the time!. Get Post Thumbnail Editor 2.4.8 (or higher version) plugin created by sewpafly and install it for your own project.. This wordpress plugin 2.4.8 version was updated on 2 years but conceivably there is a newer version available.What could you do with this great plugin? [‘To meet the needs of themes where the post-thumbnails have random and capricious sizes (which causes wordpress to crop images simply from the middle (either chopping off the top and bottom or chopping off the sides), this plugin attempts to give the users an interface to manually fix those thumbnail and random images..’] Do you want to test Post Thumbnail Editor? Let’s check out:

How to Install Post Thumbnail Editor WordPress Plugin?


  1. Download the zip file from
  2. Unzip to your wp-content/plugins directory under the wordpress installation.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Rock On


  1. Install from within your wordpress admin area by searching for “post thumbnail editor”

Free Demo Post Thumbnail Editor 2.4.8 – WP Plugin

Demo Post Thumbnail Editor 2.4.8 WordPress plugin

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